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The P1000 Bypass package provides an P1000 in a NEMA 1, 12 or 3R (UL Type) enclosure, with a 3-contactor style bypass, allowing motor operation from either the drive or across the line.

Built-in features make the P1000 perfect for most pump and fan applications that require reliable motor control.

The P1000 also features a wide variety of built-in communcation proticols and additional feature cards are available.


  • VT Ratings: 1-150 HP, 208 VAC
  • 1-500 HP, 480 VAC
  • Overload capacity: 110% for 60 seconds (150% peak)
  • DC injection braking: at start or stop, adjustable, current limited (anti-windmilling)
  • Adjustable accel/decel: 0.1 to 6000 seconds
  • Critical frequency rejection capability: 3 selectable adjustable brands
  • Auto restart after power loss or resettable fault, selectable, programmable
  • Up/down floating point control capability
  • 140% starting torque capability, available from 3 Hz to 60 Hz


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