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Digital Transformation

Emerson accelerates digital transformation and IIoT capabilities across businesses and industries by supporting all relevant communication standards and integrating seamlessly with existing digital architecture, on premise or in-cloud. Our digital solutions are flexible and designed to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), energy efficiency and sustainability, and interoperability, integration and security functionality while generating ROI.

To prepare your company for upcoming demands, we work with you to find the right solution. Schedule your Digital Transformation Introductory Session with our experts today.

Digital Maturity Self Assessment

Digital Maturity Self Assessment

  • Self-assessment, online, free

  • Identifies areas of strength and potential risk in addition to incorporating cost & KPI data
  • Measures you against others in your industry
  • Links you to Emerson services and products that can have an impact in each domain, based on your responses
  • Can compile team results - upon request
This is the first step to review Digital Transformation progress and to begin the dialogue of where to focus for the best ROI.



Digital Maturity – Facilitated Assessment

Digital Maturity – Facilitated Assessment

Our facilitator will help you analyze the current state of your digital maturity and the potential benefits that might be captured through DX improvements.
  • Used to encourage discussion to help you understand your current status and and where your Digital Transformation journey could take you.
  • Most effective when done with a larger cross-functional group of Digital Transformation stakeholders.
  • Lakeside and Emerson will facilitate the 1-2 hour workshop and provide:
    • Content describing the maturity levels for each domain
    • Response collection tools
    • Summary reporting / scoring results
  • The results gathered can then be used to garner support for organizing a more strategic approach to Digital Transformation strategy and planning.
Digital Transformation Discovery Workshop

Digital Transformation Discovery Workshop

This workshop provides a simple overview to assist in comprehension of the current manual and paper-based work exercises in the plant operations today. It also reviews the  operational difficulties and opportunities for our consultants to offer guidance and suggestions on scope and requirements for Digital Transformation.
  • The 1-2 hour discovery session can be carried out for each of the plant departments individually or together. The group sessions typically seem to be the most effective because many solutions benefit various departments.
  • Identify common problems, pains and challenges
  • Use results to develop potential use cases
  • Online tools to collect and organize results
  • Produces high-level challenge and solution mapping
  • Define plant challenges & technology gaps
DX Investment & Roadmap Development

DX Investment & Roadmap Development

This deep dive allows our team to be an integral part of your capital planning process. This approach has 5 major milestones:
  • Develop a quantifiable vision specific to the Digital Transformation objectives of your operation(s).
  • Benchmark the current state of operations utilizing our proven Digital Maturity Model.
  • Define gaps and identify opportunities across the 9 Digital Transformation domains.
  • Rank the opportunity portfolio and prioritize based upon enterprise shareholder value.
  • Build a multi-year investment roadmap.